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What it means to be alive

Installation | Sculpture, painting, illustration, sound design & animation
June 2022

AKI Final exhibition, 1 July - 8 July 2022

My paracosm is a rich universe nestled inside my head. It contains generations of characters, creatures and locations. Through the paracosm I learn about our world and their people.

The primary paracosm can also be referred to as the Amari Universe, Amari meaning “Advanced Mechanical Aurora Response Illumination”.

For my finals I asked three entities, and myself, what it means to be alive. My installation is about their answers, and it is my answer.

The first entity I was called Sesla; a man I put on a dying planet, told him to fix it while slowly killing him, and the catalist of this installation. Sesla was represented twice: alive and dead. His story was also represented twice: the reality and his own experience. Using a projector, I brought him to life using colour arrangements suiting his personality.

The second entity was Pyo’Maral, who’s name translates to ‘sun’. She was a sheep, glorified and worshipped. She became a Goddess after death. Her reason to live was simple: to be.

The third entity was not a singular creature, but an entire population instead. They were called the Migunun, those who worshipped Pyo’Maral. Their actions were unfortunately human. They disagreed on how to worship, and that disagreement turned to violence.

Their three factual stories almost contiously sounded through the room, spoken in a language I made myself that lulled people into a trance-like state. After the three poems, two songs gave the brain a break from what was happening. Sesla’s reality was only discoverable by the orb he held in his hands.