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The peculiar life of Ian Grey

Writing | Shot novel researching: Humans need to believe in free will in order to survive
Winter 2021

This story is based on research on free will and quantum physics.

From the strangeness of the universe and various philosophies comes a story just as intriguing and confusing.

Things in Ian’s life are… different, but he just isn’t sure how.
Sometimes he isn’t even sure if his hands are his. Or if his reflection is whole.
Life flickers at its edges, itching in his skull, but he cannot scratch it.
Things are different. He just doesn’t know how.

This book is available on Amazon as both a paperback and kindle.

Excerpt chapter 2

The clock ticked towards 1am, and Ian couldn’t sleep. He stared up at the ceiling, trying to count the tiles for the tenth time. If he took too long to count the next tile, it felt like the darkness started to eat everything up, and he would quickly blink and move on. Ian listened to Warren’s quiet breathing, thankful that tonight was not only a snore-free night, but that his friend was also quite still, no tossing and turning. By all means, he should’ve already fallen asleep, given how tired he was. But he hadn’t.

The air felt strange. It had a certain smell to it, but Ian couldn’t pinpoint what it was. He wasn’t even sure if the smell smelled or if it was a good smell.

He rolled on his side, curling up to try and fall asleep that way. He counted sheep in his head, and felt himself relax. Finally.

His dream was filled with fog. Blurs and smears of shapes trying to be something, but never quite getting it. Ian tried to find patterns, but there were none. Every time he thought he saw a shirt draped over a chair, he would realise that it wasn’t. But he also didn’t know what it could be. Some things had eyes. Some things were quiet, and some things whispered strange words into his ear. He was certain it wasn’t English.

Waking up at 3am was Ian’s least favourite part of his sleeping issues.