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Writing | Story poetry

Toes in the Snow

Character exploration
27 January 2022

The silence carried a song
One I understood but could not decipher

The cold rang true to my senses
But the feeling never reached

A light in the sky slowly got brighter
It warmed my spine and melted snow to water

What was void became filled with life that once was
Ghostly beings of days long past

I was of the now, and their flitting eyes doubted me
Any reach for them brought fear, even when I spoke in blue

It was when my words tinted warm and orange like the sun, that they remembered
They were cold to the touch, like the world itself, but they bristled heat

A Poem for my Cells

6 December 2021

There are many of you within me, within versions of me that live within versions of others

Together you form me, change me, scare me and soothe me

We are a team, posing as one, only I seem to think of you

Will we ever speak, or perhaps we already do, deep inside my head

Move forward and backward, both in and out, torn apart and put together. Pressed on and let go

There, together we will move

The Moving Shadows

Character exploration
2 January 202

A steady thrum of the heart
Flowing through the mist ending in tips

There is no sounding movement
Still, a tremor crawls through my flesh, freed through fingers

A blue that twists and turns, violent like the sea
But my face that betrays none, always thinking, always watching

Peering through the storm, one that never settles
A fraudulent breath for peace somehow warms the blue

Going unseen, staying low to crawl up high
Watching from the night sky, hiding the stars

Preferring the land, staying away from the sun
The feathers that once decorated my back are no more

Millions of fish in sea

16 December 2021

Like being on a boat
Floating on the ocean

It stretches far beyond what you can see,
and even though you know there are other boats

You can’t see them, so the blue starts to gnaw

At your toes, ankles and even your head
It bites away until there’s nothing left

The blue only leaves your eyes

Still searching for boats
Floating on the ocean

Loop of time,
always in it

Quantum Physics, sliced bread theory
7 December 2021

All time happens all the time

From A to B, from past to future, is a fraudulent thought

Like the clock, a fraction of a moment off. So are we: a fraction of time in existence

Yet we will always exist

Not for our neighbour, but for someone an almost endless way away

We will always be somewhere, but perhaps we are also never anywhere at the same time


First stoem
1 December 2021

I stand

Watching as autumn forces leaves to fall

And winter still the life of the green

I sit

With my arms stretched out to the sky

And watch the sun flirt with my fingertips