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Seasons of Ourol

Sculpture | Wire, fabric & clay
August 2022

‘Ourol’ is a rarely seen creature that spends its time stationary: wrapped around the infinitely expanding universe. Through its very being it decides the course of the planets. From its body flow the fates of the seasons. It has four pairs of legs and a long tail it can swallow. If it swallows its tail, it will constrict the universe, the seasons will stop and everything will die.

Ourol is made from wire rings, spun together with more wire. Its ears are wrapped with wool and its body is made using a flexible mesh. Its eye and nose are made of polymer clay. Inside are four poems about the four seasons and two orbs with a fictional language translating to: Mahaidei soru, Mahaidei élé: Breathing fate, Breathing life. Its attached to a wooden panel with acrylic paint.

Size: H85xW58xD45cm.
Price: €1100,00