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50 Short stories of the unconscious mind

Writing | Short stories
Winter 2020

Our unconscious is the only place where no rules exist. Only once we become conscious of the un, we apply rules. Our dreams are out of our control, the question exists if a lucid dream is thus truly a dream if we are conscious during the un. The next question is: What is the unconscious telling us? 50 short stories to speak with the unconscious, the fears it has and what it warns us of.

This book is available on Amazon as both a paperback and kindle.


excerpt from page 23

....On my hands and feet, I followed the old man’s path, not blind to the holes and dents in the floor and wall. But as I crawled further and my hands started to bleed, it only became darker. Suffocating. There was no air. Nothing. But I still needed to know, so I crawled forward holding my breath. Hand foot hand foot. I heard a chime. A chime not like the others.

I was no longer on the stairs and I knew the question. I needed the answer too.

To the rotting door I went, forgoing one of my hands to block out the smell. How horrible it was! None can describe. My hand on the knob. I didn’t know if to push or pull. So, I slid it sideways.

Darkness in front and behind me. I felt alone. I looked back, calling out to my mother, but of course she couldn’t hear me. She didn’t want to, the rotting door said.

“You don’t know that!” I yelled back.

“I have the answer. Don’t cry if it doesn’t suit you.”

It’s true. This was the door to answer my question. The question of all those that dared ask. Quietly I moved through the opening...


excerpt from page 47

... When crying tearfully, claiming faithfully that it wasn’t me, that it was the weather or the strange man on the bus that caused it, they somehow refused to believe me. But everyone had always believed me. They bought my tall tales and tiny lies. Agreed that it wasn’t me, always the other.

So why was it that now, in a moment most crucial to my life, my life that had only lived 25 years, that I was not believed? “I am the victim.” I told them firmly,coldly.

“You’re alive.” They retaliated, fixing the blue of their uniform to the right shade. “We can’t say the same for the others.”...